Heart To Heart

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Mental Health

What we do

When facing mental issues, we understand it could be difficult to pour your heart out to others. In fact, when encountering adversities and mental issues, only 1% teenagers are willing to express themselves. Heart To Heart is an organization that connects people who are aware of mental wellbeing and the opportunities for them to take the actual step to care about others’ mental health. The “colon” in our logo represents the moment you breathe before starting a conversation. It is a key for a person to bubble up enough courage to speak up. We believe that there will always be someone who is willing to listen whenever you need help. We had been serving more than 30,000 beneficiaries and partnering with different organizations in the previous 3 years in our Carnival and flagship human library session- “Naked Heart in the Dark”, to promote the importance of mental health and shatter the stigma against mental illness in the community.

Past Projects

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