Hand in Hand Association (Hong Kong) Limited

Hong Kong




What we do

The Hand in Hand Association was established in 2017 as the first registered charity in Hong Kong supporting children with congenital hand conditions (referring to incomplete hand development) and their families. It provides a platform for these families to support one another, and organizes challenging activities tailored for the "smaller hands" children to develop their skills and self-esteem. The association also promotes a positive, proactive and inclusive message. 牽手同行協會成立於2017年,是香港首個關注「先天手」(泛指手部發育不健全)的小朋友及其家庭的註冊慈善機構,為他們提供一個平台,讓各家庭互相支持鼓勵,透過活動建立小朋友的信心,同時間帶出正面積極的信息。

Past Projects

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