Gender Equality

What we do

We believe that financial and empowerment education is the solution to the challenges faced widely by Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers Most domestic workers arrive in HK in substantial debt due to recruitment fees. They are vulnerable to financial exploitation in the form of scams or unfavourable loans. Did you know the legal interest rate for loans is 60%? HK's domestic workers receive little support to save or plan for their own future. With salaries as low as HK$4,630 per month, domestic workers face enormous pressures on their finances - for example, to pay off debts, send large amounts home or lend to friends. As a result, they might work for decades with little or nothing to show for it. Our interactive workshops and activities run on weekends and public holidays, in native languages of domestic workers (Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia), equipping them with skills, knowledge and confidence to escape debt, plan for their future and achieve their goals. We are impartial and do not sell or promote any financial products as part of our programmes in order to create a safe, trusted learning environment.

Past Projects

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