What we do

We are E-Concept, a student-led non-profit organization that has been providing voluntary online tutoring services for the community since July 2020. Currently, we have 80 tutors, with over 600 hours of tutor services provided. Since the pandemic started schools have opted for online learning. However, the lack of face-to-face meetings mean the teachers may not realise students are lagging behind. Furthermore, students in less privileged families are less likely to be able to receive adequate support in their studies. Realising this, we are starting this project to provide one-on-one online tutoring services to local kids. We aim to provide affordable or free voluntary tutoring services to primary school students and lower-form secondary school students in need. We strongly believe in education equality, in which underprivileged students should not be barred from the academic and developmental support they require due to financial obstacles. 100% of our earnings are donated to charities, used to sustain our organization, and organize volunteering activities outside of tutoring. We hope to transition to completely free tutoring services and expand our organization in the future to support more students in need.

Past Projects

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