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Drink Without Waste is an initiative led by the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, a broad coalition of stakeholders focused on reducing waste from beverage consumption. To reduce single-use beverage packaging and to recover 70% - 90% used beverage packaging earliest by 2025, and support expedient implementation of a Producer Responsibility Scheme. 免「廢」暢飲是一次性飲品包裝工作小組發起的倡議,工作小組是由飲料製造商和進口商、廢物處理和回收商、公共機構、零售商和非政府機構所組織的聯盟。 致力將廢棄的飲品包裝數量於 2025 年減少至 70 至 90%,並支持推行「生產者責任制」

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