Redeem an Impact Reward with your volunteer hours, and a matched donation will be made to selected charities!

There are no upcoming experiences yet. Stay tuned!

Past Experiences

Support WISE HK: Provide sport activities to grassroots communities

$500 will be donated to WISE HK for every 5 hours you volunteer.

Support Time Auction: Help NGOs recruit skilled volunteers

$1,000 will be donated to Time Auction for every 10 hours you volunteer.

Support HELP For Domestic Workers: Provide 1-on-1 consultations to domestic workers

$1,000 will be donated to HELP For Domestic Workers for every 10 hours you volunteer.

Support Books & Beyond Reading Club: Subsidize a student with lesser means to buy textbooks

$1000 will be donated to Books & Beyond Reading Club for every 10 hours you volunteer.

Support BLOOM Association: Subsidize surveyors on reef fish survey dives

$1000 will be donated to BLOOM Association for every 10 hours you volunteer.

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