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Donated by Steven Lau

Mentorship Session with Steven, Director, Brand UX & Marketing Consultant

10 volunteer hours required

Unavailable - No spots left

Have a virtual call with Steven, a seasoned creative director with 25+ years of experience in strategic business development, creative leadership, branding and digital marketing, UI design and UX strategy, and more.


Speak to Steven about.. 

  • Career Advice 
  • UI design and UX strategy
  • Strategic Creative Business Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Advise me on [a topic you choose]
  • Brainstorm with me on [a topic you choose]

The virtual call will be held during Feb to May 2022 and lasts around 30-60 minutes depending on your questions.

About Steven

Steven (see his LinkedIn here) is a seasoned senior creative director/consultant and industry trailblazer with 25+ years of experience in strategic creative business development, leadership, branding, and the digital platform ecosystem. Proven track record of exclusive digital platform product management in iGaming, Entertainment industries, Corporate In-house, and Digital Agency.

Demonstrate capacity to resolve customer constraints and leverage opportunities to improve design processes with a Design Thinking mindset to promote innovation, creativity and better customer experience. 

Recipient of multiple awards and industry recognition for creative vision and developing innovative business strategies and marketing campaigns. Expert in developing team talent, collaborating with account executives, and communicating with stakeholders to create engaging content and innovate UX and UI.

What does he know & stand for - His Influence and Purpose:

Steven is INFJ - Advocate/Idealist (based on Myers Briggs personality type indicator).

  • He's known for his design leadership and his ability to transform businesses through thought leadership in Design Thinking, UX, Creative and Branding.  And as a mentor - being a shepherd (The way of the shepherd, managing productive people.)
  • He focused on creative inspiration and empathy, and he wants to encourage and ensure the team feels valued and fulfilled. Lead and inspire by example - accountability and have moral standards - A strong focus on the future
  • He has a strong interest and passion for uncovering and navigating constraints to help the business improve better experiences for customers, able to make it better. Put meaningful changes in the world.  Love consumer behaviour, psychology, and problem-solving through design processes - “Seek first to understand then to be understood”.
  • His purpose: Inspire the corporate world the importance of a Design Thinking mindset, embrace design culture, trust and collaboration so that WE can start with “WHY” and create possibilities for creativity, innovation & technology without fear.
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Terms and Conditions

  • No Spam or Solicitation 
    To be respectful to everyone attending, no solicitation of business, commercial or promotional material is allowed.

  • No-Show Policy 
    For all scheduled mentoring sessions, we have a "one strike" ban policy for no-show bookings without informing the other party. Cancelling within 24 hours is also counted as no-show. 

    1st strike: 1-month suspension 
    2nd strike: 3-month suspension
    3rd strike: Banned

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10 volunteer hours must be completed during 20 Apr 2021 to 01 Apr 2022.

Donated by Steven Lau

Mentorship Session with Steven, Director, Brand UX & Marketing Consultant

10 volunteer hours required

Unavailable - No spots left