[Co'asis] Audit, Accounting and Finance Process

Review & Feedback


With my extensive experience in financial planning and auditing, I can review your current accounting and finance process, share best practices and provide actionable suggestions to:

  • Enhance your organisation's financial sustainability
  • Streamline the auditing and finance management process (e.g. auditor's reports, budgets, financial reports etc.)
  • Explore and facilitate the acquisition of new funding.

NOTE: This Call is available to members of Co’asis only.


Tax Accounting
Account Management

Preferred Time

  • Every day 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Preferred Time
  • Every day 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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About Herman

Herman C.
Hong Kong

An accomplished social entrepreneur, who established Eldpathy in 2013, with a mission to cultivate an age-friendly Hong Kong. Eldpathy achieves this vision by offering immersive elderly simulation programs to schools, corporates, and NGOs, fostering greater empathy and understanding towards the elderly. Furthermore, a highly skilled certified public accountant with a proven track record in delivering comprehensive audit, tax, and consultancy services to a diverse range of clients. With expertise in serving SMEs, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises, this individual brings valuable insights and support to help these entities thrive.

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