Website Design and Development



Need help with your website or design? With my expertise in the following, I can share my two cents on the technical challenges you're facing, or the vision you have for your website:

  • UI/UX design
  • HTML: defines the structure of your content
  • CSS: determines the style and layout
  • JavaScript, ReactJS (NextJS): makes the content interactive
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Web Design
Website Advisor
Website Development

Preferred Time

  • Every day 07:30 PM - 11:45 PM
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Preferred Time
  • Every day 07:30 PM - 11:45 PM

Apply for Call

About Chun Wai, Jared

Chun Wai, Jared Y.
Web Designer at Mirum
Hong Kong | Speaks English, Chinese

I am currently employed as a web designer in a statutory organization where I am responsible for designing newsletters. I have experience creating newsletters in various styles, whether they are intended for business or casual purposes. Additionally, I am adept at web maintenance and optimizing websites to ensure optimal performance. I have a strong passion for learning and constantly strive to enhance my skills. My technical expertise includes proficiency in HTML, CSS, JS, Adobe Creative Cloud, and various CMS platforms (both headless and traditional). If you would like to learn more about my technical skills, please visit my personal website where you can find detailed information. In addition to my professional work, I have actively volunteered for various NGOs in the past. I have served as a webmaster for Learning Bridge HK, worked as a web developer for ProjectChangeHK, and contributed as a web designer for LighthouseHK. Volunteering has provided me with valuable opportunities to not only help others but also expand my understanding of client needs. It has been a fantastic platform for personal growth and has allowed me to further develop my portfolio. I strongly believe that volunteering is a mutually beneficial experience.

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