Youth Consultant / Mentor (Online)

Create and develop a Life and Career Education activity plan for grassroots students (templates provided)

Youth Consultant / Mentor (Online)

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  • Draft an activity plan, including the objectives, execution process and expected outcome (You will be filling in a template provided by our team)
  • Help to identify potential partners to collaborate for the activity
  • Share your experience on social media (i.e. LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Facebook)

Many students from low-income families find their career and life planning needs unfulfilled due to the lack of resources and exposure. We also understand from school principals that most teachers often find Life and Career Education implementation challenging as there are limited resources and guidance from schools. We are inviting university students and working professionals in any discipline to contribute your ideas and impact students' lives through our online, self-paced pro-bono consulting experience.


Activity plan example and template will be provided.


Teach For Hong Kong hopes to fill this gap by allowing all passionate individuals to utilize their own background and expertise to provide a more diverse learning experience for underprivileged students in Hong Kong.


15 Apr 2022 - 31 Jan 2023





一共 1 小時

  • 活動策劃
  • 青年指導
  • English

Together with Swire Trust, we've launched the Swire Trust Go-Givers Program which encourages skilled volunteers for their NGOs partners.

From 2020 to 2022, you can volunteer for Swire's NGO partners and redeem educational and experiential rewards. For details, please see here. 🙌🏻

10 outstanding volunteers will also be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year” with special rewards & recognition! Meet our Go-Givers of 2022 here.


Teach For Hong Kong



TFHK envisions a future where all children in Hong Kong have equal opportunity to learn, grow and realize their potential. Our mission is to nurture future leaders to bring education equity. Through our one-year TFHK Fellowship Program, we recruit and empower the most promising and passionate young leaders to serve in underprivileged schools as full-time teachers. We are now in our 5th year with 36 Fellows, teaching full-time in 17 local underprivileged schools and have served over 20,000 underprivileged students. We are also funded by the Government’s SIE Fund, The D. H. Chen Foundation and The Jockey Club Charities Trust and are thriving as one of the fastest-growing non-profits.

Youth Consultant / Mentor (...

1 hours in total, 10 個月

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