Sponsorship Outreach

Help us communicate and engage with corporations to promote our "Voices for the Planet" education program

Sponsorship Outreach

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  • Join a call to learn about our programme objectives, timeline and key events
  • Outreach and engage corporations to introduce our "Voices for the Planet" education program, and to potentially seek for sponsorships
  • Follow up on enquires
  • Volunteers with PR and Marketing or Business Development experiences would be ideal

Voices for the Planet Challenge is an environmental education program for children and young adults. It inspires young people to love and protect wildlife and nature through creating their own wildlife artworks. The creative process connects their hearts and mind and nurtures passion and compassion. Over the past four years, LumiVoce has produced highly acclaimed music videos and wildlife stories. These artworks are utilized in our Voices for the Planet education programs to engage with students from both local and international schools to explore their own passion through the arts. The core values of the program are creativity, fun, environmental awareness, empathy and caring. Target Dates:A. Pre-festival online challenge (competition): February 22nd – June 22nd, 2021B. Workshops by Professional Artists for Participants: March-May C. Festival to celebrate winners and selected finalists with professional artists: November 12-14, 2021.For more information, please visit the project webpage:https://www.lumivoce.org/v4tp2021resources


We will provide a project overview, instructions, welcome letter to corporations, and all supporting materials for this project.


Voices for the Planet Challenge 2021 will lift spirits and help young people, schools, teachers and parents to focus on positive energy in a time of extraordinary difficulty. This competition focuses on creativity and biodiversity through the arts, developing compassion towards wild animals and nature. With this project, we encourage all to rethink the relationship we have with wild animals and the natural world. We promote the idea that we can and must live in harmony with other earthly specie on a sustainable planet in an inspiring and positive way.


23 Feb 2021 - 25 Jun 2021





每週 4 小時

  • 溝通
  • 公共關係
  • 活動營銷
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • 中文(廣東話)
  • 英文

Swire Trust Go-Givers Program aims to encourage skilled volunteers to support Swire Trust NGO partners in education, marine conservation, and arts.

From now until 2025, 10 outstanding volunteers will be selected annually as the “Swire Trust Go-Givers of the Year" with special and empowering rewards. 40 volunteers who contribute the highest number of hours annually will also be recognised! Meet our previous Go-Givers here and view the rewards here.






LumiVoce.org is a Hong Kong public charity. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by Dr. Ying Ying Liu. It aims to shed light (Lumi) on the plight of the world’s wildlife, whose survival is under threat due to human activities, and to give a voice (Voce) to these endangered species. The charity uses music and the arts to educate and inspire people, especially the next generation, to become mindful of their impact on the planet and to actively create a sustainable world for future generations and all living things.

Sponsorship Outreach

4 hours per week, 4 個月

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