Branding Guidelines Designer

Help us create our branding guidelines to standardise our promotional materials and increase brand recognition

Branding Guidelines Designer

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  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our objectives, expectations on the creative direction and our organization
  • Create a document of branding guidelines, including use of primary and secondary colours, fonts and logo
  • Create templates that we can use for various communication materials (i.e. social media, e-newsletter etc)
  • Share the working files with our team so we can continuously use the materials, ensuring consistency across all resources

HKGCSE seeks to enhance its brand to address challenges like limited recognition and inconsistent messaging. Through evaluation and research, the project will assess the current brand identity, market trends, and competitors. Based on the findings, a brand enhancement plan will be developed, focusing on refined visuals, consistent messaging, and a cohesive communication strategy. The goal is to strengthen HKGCSE's brand, improve recognition, foster loyalty, and drive growth.


While we don’t have a standard branding guidelines yet, we have a logo, a few brand colours and fonts that we frequently use.


We need to revisit the existing brand design, creating a systematic guidelines to ensure that there is a brand consistency, and that it effectively communicates our mission. This will improve our brand awareness and recognition, in hopes to gain more support in our programmes and causes.


04 Oct 2023 - 31 Oct 2023


Remote/Kwun Tong



一共 10 小時

  • 品牌資產設計
  • 品牌開發
  • 平面設計
  • Open to all
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)


Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises



To be an influential platform that unites and facilitates social enterprises in Hong Kong for better enhancement of an inclusive society. To fulfill the above Vision, HKGCSE strives to activate a favorable business environment for the growth of local social enterprises. It sets out the Mission as follows: – Generates positive impact to the society – Creates opportunity for collaboration – Supports and advocates the development of social enterprises – Educates social enterprises practitioners for better enhancement of efficiency

Branding Guidelines Designer

10 hours in total, 28 天

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