5 Reasons Why Volunteering is an Act of Self-Care

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Volunteering is a two-way street, and by supporting a cause close to your heart, you’ll be reaping extraordinary benefits. Discovering new definitions of self-fulfilment and contentment sounds amazing right?

1. Sense of Belonging to Your Local Community

How well do you actually know the community you’re living in?

Volunteering offers an opportunity for you to reconnect with your local community (or be adventurous and volunteer abroad!). Understanding the community’s needs and challenges firsthand inspires action -- Through little investments of time and energy, you can progressively instigate meaningful change, creating a ripple effect. It is also extremely rewarding to see your contribution to a community or a great cause that you care about!

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2. Meet New People in Your Field

Not only will you meet more people in your community and make friends, but participating in skills-based volunteering also means potentially meeting people in your professional field! Instead of using LinkedIn, why not extend your network while making a difference in your community?

3. Gain Experience, Develop New Skills

Need to put your fresh skills and expertise to the test? Skills-based volunteering allows you to practice by helping non-profit organizations complete important tasks. You’re sure to gain experience and strengthen your chances of being employed!

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4. Be Happier

Volunteering is education to the real world - You are offered an opportunity to give back while finding purpose in your life! It is such a fulfilling activity,  granting a sense of accomplishment and making people happier

Dealing with mental health struggles? Trust us, volunteering will lift your spirits up in ways you’ve never imagined before! 

5. Donate your Hours to Redeem Experiences with Time Auction

At Time Auction, we believe in rewarding volunteers with inspiring and empowering experiences, ranging from dining with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, to taking art jamming workshops and gin distillery tours -- The list of intriguing experiences keeps growing with us launching new rewards every week! 

Take a quick scroll on our website (https://timeauction.org/projects) to discover a range of skills-based volunteering opportunities that need your immediate help! 


Part of a non-profit organization?  We welcome you to post a project on our platform to find the right volunteer to further your cause, Get in touch with us to learn more: [email protected]

Written by Mia Pao

Updated on 3 September, 2021
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