InnoTech Association
InnoTech Association

Hong Kong
Community Development
What we do

InnoTech Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the use of technology for helping the disadvantaged and disabled. Our team has launched a mobile app called WeVoice+. This app aims at building a worldwide community consisting of volunteers and the visually impaired/elderly. This app allows visually impaired/elderly users to take pictures and send it to a group of available volunteers, who can then describe the picture back to the users via voice messages. The project has won the Championship of Hong Kong Techathon 2020. Also it has won the 1st runner-up and Youth Co:Lab HKSAR Winner of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2019/2020. For more about our team, please visit: Basic introduction for WeVoice+ usage: WeVoice+ app download: Google Play (Android) App Store (iPhone)

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