Youth Mentor (Cantonese)

Facilitate mentee's life planning and develop career goals through one year mentorship journey

Youth Mentor (Cantonese)

於 大約 2 個月 前刊登,將於 10 天 後截止報名。

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  • Your passion to empower youths from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach higher career goals. Help them build up skills, confidence and resilience.
  • Your empathy for these next generations by listening to them, providing feedback guidance, and tons of encouragement.
  • Be a one-to-one mentor to a youth of 18-21 in this 1-year long program with 4 face-to-face meetings with your mentee, plus regular communications via phone/online every month
  • Participate in Falcon mentor and mentee organised activities, e.g. first introduction meeting with mentees in July 2024, training sessions for mentors and mentees, and a Careers Exploration Day
  • Support mentees’ journey in exploring different careers and identifying pathways to achieving their career goals
  • Native spoken (Cantonese) and written Chinese, preferably grew up or educated in HK, ideally under the age of 40
  • Organise a 15 minute call with our team to learn more about our Falcon Programme NOW! There will be interviews during April/May 2024

Background The Falcon Program is an in-depth program that provides young people with personal and career development support, with soft skills training and one-to-one mentoring at its core. Mentees aged 18-21 who are from grassroots socio-economic backgrounds. Each mentee will be paired with a mentor based on gender, personality, interest, and career background.


Throughout the one-year mentorship period, there will be two training sessions for the mentors. In addition, mentors will be supported and coached by our existing experienced Falcon Coaches. We will also organise networking activities for our mentors to foster a mutual support community.


Mentors in the 1-year Falcon Mentoring Program will inspire the youths to be contributing members of society and become positive role models to their mentees. Their support to their mentees’ journey in identifying different pathways will help them achieve their career goals.


01 Jul 2024 - 31 Aug 2025


Hong Kong



每月 2 小時

  • 教練
  • 人生導師
  • 身心靈健康指導
  • 青年指導
  • 聆聽
  • 人際交往能力
  • Open to all
  • Students
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)


Variety - the Children's Charity Hong Kong



Our mission is to identify and serve the unmet needs of disadvantaged children in Hong Kong, to enable them to live, laugh and be happy and to develop their full potential. We believe in “A future without limits for every child.”

Youth Mentor (Cantonese)

2 hours per month, 大約 1 年

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