Education Centre Consultant

Seeking experts to brainstorm on a potential launch of an educational center and advise on implementation

Education Centre Consultant

Posted 8 個月 ago. Application closed.



  • Join us for a call to learn more about our organisation and ideas on the potential education centre
  • Have calls with our team to share insights on how we should curate the education centre and host interactive exhibits within the centre
  • Help us identify next steps for implementation
  • Looking for someone who can act as a soundboard for ideas for an education center that teaches people about homelessness in Hong Kong
  • Someone who can share his/her experience on how to curate interactive exhibits that are compelling, educational and uphold the dignity of the people we serve
  • Someone who can share his/her technical knowledge on how to execute the ideas we come up with together

We are coming up with ideas for an education center about homelessness that would be open to everyone from students to staff from companies joining our CSR events. We are considering including interactive exhibits and would like someone who's had experience in curating interactive exhibits/education experiences to bounce ideas off of, and who has experience they can share about how we can bring these to life.


We will offer a briefing about what homelessness looks like in Hong Kong, so the volunteer will have a better grasp of what we'd like visitors to learn about.


With the volunteer's support, we'll be able to educate more people about homelessness and break harmful stereotypes surrounding it.


04 Dec 2023 - 05 Jan 2024





一共 4 小時

  • 聯絡/支持
  • 項目流程
  • 輔助研討會
  • Program Development
  • Exhibition Support
  • Social Innovation
  • 一些經驗
  • 豐富經驗
  • 中文(廣東話)
  • 英文
Age Range


ImpactHK Limited



We work with people experiencing homelessness to help them settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical wellbeing, build their self-esteem, increase their social capital and discover their purpose. To do this we provide direct holistic support to people experiencing homelessness and empower them to transform their lives. At the same time we build community connections to increase collective understanding of homelessness and empathy towards the people who experience it. We also address the systemic issues that cause the housing crisis and stand up with those who lack the basic human right to safe housing.

Education Centre Consultant

4 hours in total, 大約一個月

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