Leadership Training Module Developer

HELP is looking for volunteers to help us develop our module on Leadership Training

Leadership Training Module Developer

Posted almost 2 years ago. Application closed.

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  • Volunteers will need to attend a 1 hour online briefing prior the event (date & time will be confirmed after volunteer signed up)
  • Volunteers will need to do approximately 20 - 24 hours spread within 2 weeks to 1 month of developing the module, refining and discussing with us
  • Volunteers will need to join and deliver the briefing session to the presenter volunteers
  • Volunteer's minimum age requirement is 21

HELP for Domestic Workers envisage a strong and prosperous society in Hong Kong where all migrant workers are treated fairly, their legal rights are ensured, and that they are valued for the contribution that they make as employees to society. HELP is looking for volunteers to help us develop our module on Leadership Training. Please sign up only if you are ready to commit your time.


We will provide briefing for our background, need and situation, and access to our development cloud folder.


In 2021, Migrant Domestic Workers supported 355,000 households in Hong Kong. They contributed 2.47 billion USD to the Hong Kong Economy in 2019. Even though their contribution is essential and not small, they are uniquely vulnerable and face numerous challenges. They are often not treated equally and their voices have little to no meaning in society. By giving them a chance to be leaders in the community, we are empowering them to voice their mind, to be heard and to lead a change for a better future.


18 Apr 2022 - 31 May 2022







一共 24 小時

  • 教練
  • 寫作
  • 領導能力
  • 課程發展
  • 訓練
  • 輔助研討會
  • 培訓與發展
  • 人際交往能力
  • English


HELP for Domestic Workers




HELP for Domestic Workers is an NGO working on the frontlines to support migrant domestic workers to gain access to justice and fair and equal treatment in Hong Kong. Since 1989, we have supported migrant domestic workers through advice, assistance, education and empowerment. We equip the employers of domestic workers with knowledge and awareness so that they can build a mutually beneficial relationship with their domestic workers.

Leadership Training Module ...

24 hours in total, 大約一個月

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