Google Ad Grant Advisor

Help us set up our Google Ad Grant account by creating 1 active campaign with 2 active Ad Groups, each with 2 active unique ads



  • Join us for a 20 minutes call to learn more about our organization and marketing objectives
  • We have set up our Google Ad Grant account - We need help creating 1 active campaign with 2 active Ad Groups with 2 active unique ads each, in order to activate the account
  • Work with our team to come up with campaign keywords
  • Provide training to our staffs on creating effective ads through Google Grant account
  • Experience with Google paid ads or Ad Grant experience is a must


Free marketing such as this is important to our charity with limited budget. o promote family harmony tertiary-wide and reach out those families which are facing conflict and even violence in family via digital marketing, but our staff do not have the specialized knowledge and skill on it.


Our team will work closely with you, providing you with access to relevant accounts and any other support you may require.


Creating online awareness and engagement is crucial for us to reach out to those families which are facing conflict and even violence in family and enhance the public awareness on prevention of domestic violence and importance of family harmony in the community.


19 Jun 2022 - 30 Nov 2022


Remote + On site


每月 4 小時



  • Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Strategy Consulting


  • Extensive experience


Harmony House

Harmony House




Agency Introduction: The Harmony House was established in 1985 as the first shelter for abused women and their children in Hong Kong. Today, we have developed into a one-stop anti-domestic violence service agency, with a wide range of preventive, therapeutic and developmental programmes to help families affected by domestic violence. We also organise community education programmes, promote harmonious and healthy family relationships, provide training to multi-disciplinary professionals and advocate for policies and legislations on behalf of victims of violence, their families and communities. Mission: 1. To tackle the social problems of domestic violence using diverse approaches, and promote harmonious and healthy relationships in families with a comprehensive range of preventive and therapeutic services. 2. To contact and reach out to families in need through counselling and crisis intervention. 3. To change the misconcept and incorrect attitude towards domestic violence through community education, impart appropriate knowledge and skills handle domestic violence.

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