Student Mentor

Mentor a group of students to design and participate in a business case challenge from March to May 2024

Student Mentor

於 大約一個月 前刊登,將於 大約一個月 後截止報名。

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  • Join us for a briefing and soft skills sessions to understand what the programme does and how to facilitate student workshops
  • Deliver structured mentor sessions to students and encourage students to share their business ideas in a series of 1.5-hour workshops at designated school campuses
  • Workshops are usually hosted on weekday afternoons after school from 3-4pm
  • Share your knowledge and experiences with students to help widen their horizons
  • There will be 2 volunteer mentors + 1 school teacher per group of 4-7 high school students
  • Accompany students on Company Visit Day to exposure them to corporate or business setting
  • Volunteers with some work experience preferred (especially business owners), previous coaching experience is desired but not necessary

“The Foundry” is the flagship programme of D2S. It is a 10-week experiential programme designed around a business case challenge. Through a series of workshops, company visits and mentorships sessions, students will be able to expand their horizons and get a sense of the corporate world whilst unleashing their creativity, develop self confidence and business skills and nurture their entrepreneurial spirits. They may also build valuable relationships with their team mentors who might continue to provide support beyond the programme.


Briefing and soft skills sessions will be provided during after office hours throughout the 10-week programme to provide support and check in with mentors.


We aim to promote social mobility through being the illustrator and navigator for the alternative social ladder that we believe already exists. By being a part of this programme, you will help these secondary students gain the self confidence and exposure they need to become open to opportunities to upward social mobility. 


11 Mar 2024 - 17 May 2024


Designated local schools





每週 3 小時

  • 教練
  • 青年指導
  • 輔助研討會
  • Some experience
  • Extensive experience
  • Chinese (Cantonese)





Dream2Story (D2S) is a charity and a social incubator. We focus on talented youngsters (between ages of 16 and 25) whose talent and/or social background do not lend themselves to the traditional social ladder via tertiary education. We believe alternative pathways already exist which enable these young people to find and navigate their way towards their own definition of success. But information about these pathways is not readily available to or easily found by these youngsters. D2S aims to promote social mobility by being the map maker and navigator of these alternative pathways. For some youngsters, we will adopt a more active role as connectors to bring relevant parties together or even as mentors to some of them.

Student Mentor

3 hours per week, 2 個月

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