Pet Adoption Matching Specialist

Communicate between adopt families and organization/volunteers to facilitate pet adoption

Pet Adoption Matching Specialist

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  • We have been receiving a lot of messages from potential adoption and foster families. We need your help to communicate with these families and the organizations / volunteers, only then can you help the animals to find their suitable homes, or help the families find their forever pets! If you think you are an animal lover, welcome to join us!
  • Specialists should be able to speak and write Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) and English. You should be patient, caring and passionate about helping others and guiding /educating families through the adoption process.
  • Good customer service skill is a plus. Work remotely, average 5 hours per week.
  • Our team will provide necessary training and guidance
  • You are expected to work remotely on our online systems to facilitate the adoption process

We need your help to communicate with the potential adoption families and the organizations/ volunteers. Most of the time, the successful rate will greatly increase with your patience to handle enquiries from potential adopters.With some explanation and guidance, you will be able to directly match stray animals with the perfect family!


We have staff who are fully involved in this matter and will guide the volunteer when necessary. Also an online system as tools to help the volunteer.


To help process and follow up adoption applications. This will help potential adopters and more animals to find their suitable forever homes.


01 Nov 2023 - 31 Mar 2024







每週 5 小時

  • 溝通
  • 內部交流
  • 外展
  • 客戶服務
  • 人際交往能力
  • 一些經驗
  • 豐富經驗
  • 中文(廣東話)
  • Chinese Traditional
  • 英文
Age Range


Bring Me Home Limited



1. To promote and publicize love and proper treatment of animals in Hong Kong. 2. To help the animals to find suitable homes in a non-profit making way in Hong Kong. 3. To achieve our goal, we have established a well-informed rescued animal adoption platform, in a non-for-profit way, to provide adoption service to stray, abandoned and mistreated animals, reduce the waiting time of animals for adoption and to reduce the workload of animal rescue volunteers. 4. Using our platform to achieve our goals above for the benefits of Hong Kong society. 5. To provide food, accommodation, health and environmental cleaning assistance in order to reduce the hunger, pain, fear in, sickness and injury of animals. 6. To achieve our goal, we united the members of the company, the volunteer teams and the people who love animals in the society, by using a platform to share and exchange information, promote the spirit of animal love, for the benefits of the Hong Kong society.

Pet Adoption Matching Speci...

5 hours per week, 5 個月

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