Video Production Advisor

Supervise students to produce a short documentary (~5 mins) about plastic pollution in Hong Kong

Video Production Advisor

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  • Join the meeting with students to discuss the production planning
  • Guide the students to produce a short documentary video of around 5 minutes
  • Ideally provide a tripod mount

As a brand new event in the fifth year of Boundless, ‘the Project’ allows us, 20 secondary school students (mentees), to explore social issues with hands-on experiences to bring a positive impact to society. After the Youth Forum in April, we voted ‘environment’ as our theme and we will dive into the issue of overconsumption of plastic. We will organise different activities during the summer vacation, namely an exhibition with workshops, and a lucky draw event on Instagram, etc. One documentary about plastic use reduction at sources will also be filmed and played in the exhibition. We have 3 teams: Admin Team, Art Team, and Promotion Team, each being responsible for coordinating affairs in different categories. For now, the Admin Team has been contacting Jao Tsung-I Academy for venue booking; the Art Team has found a tutor to provide guidance and advice when producing art pieces; and the Promotion Team is preparing to set up the Instagram page (@byeplast_hk) and produce the documentary.


To allow the volunteers to understand ‘The Project’ by Boundless more, meetings can be arranged where the mentees of Boundless can introduce the theme of the documentary to the volunteers in detail. Mentees will provide information about the upcoming art exhibition we will be holding, such as a list of art pieces, and its purpose, which is to encourage the public to reduce plastic use. The plan of the documentary will also be drafted by the mentees to facilitate filming. Thus, the volunteers can guide our production with ease.


This project is one of Boundless’s core events, aiming at raising social awareness and enhancing teamwork among Boundless mentees and mentors. The project provides mentees opportunities to understand more about environmental problems in the society, and further take action to tackle it and give feedback to society with a serving heart and responsibilities. While corporations with different stakeholders, mentees can learn communication skills and leadership skills from teamwork. These precious experiences allow mentees to earn essential life skills which echoes with the aims of Boundless, that is, empowering students to pursue their aspiration by offering training opportunities that help them succeed in the future. With the help from volunteers, the process in producing the documentary will definitely be smoother given that mentees are new and unfamiliar to video editing.


11 Jul 2021 - 10 Aug 2021


Remote/ Kowloon



一共 10 小時

  • 活動攝影
  • 視頻後期製作
  • 視頻編輯
  • 線上營銷
  • 視頻製作
  • Chinese (Cantonese)
  • English





Boundless is a student-led initiative in collaboration with YMCA of HK. Our mission is to provide under-resourced students with mentorship that facilitates their personal growth, and training that equips them with skills that help them succeed in their respective pursuits. It is our hope that through our programme, students learn to take self-initiative of their development, to be confident in themselves, and to openly embrace new experiences. At Boundless, we recognize that academic attainment in school is certainly important as to securing education and career opportunities, yet the ultimate determinants to success lie beyond such qualifications. By offering a mix of learning experiences and exposure in our programme, we are hopeful that our students will grow into motivated individuals that thrive in the long run.

Video Production Advisor

10 hours in total, 大約一個月

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