Fundraising Business Developer

Reach out, pitch and assist to onboard corporate and other relevant sponsors / donors

Fundraising Business Developer

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  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our organisation and our fundraising progress
  • Review the list of entities on Donorpedia ( and identify a list of potential / targeted donors to prepare for outreach efforts
  • Assist to create the pitch/info sharing deck to potential sponsors
  • Support us by sending initial emails to get in touch with the identified donors and remain active in communications thereafter as needed
  • Work closely with our team to brainstorm promotion of sponsors

The Kashgar to Karachi (K2K) hand biking fundraising expedition will see a team of committed athletes travel over 3,000km from Kashgar, China before completing this epic journey to the west in Karachi, Pakistan. During this month-long fundraising, witness the team inspire and connect with people along the route by sharing their stories of perseverance, aspiration, and accomplishment with the able-bodied and disabled abled alike. Ajmal (the founder of ASF) will lead this endeavour just as he set the pace with his previous effort, Krakin’ Thru China, a 2,313km overland mission for another charity.


The volunteer will have full access to the entire committee made of accomplished individuals in the NGO/Charitable sector. He/She will also work alongside an event manager who is experienced from concept to execution.


As the K2K trip is funded out of pocket by the team members, the sponsorship or collaboration generated from this business development to amplify the awareness campaign (through purchase of FB ads and other social media activities). The goal is to make the month-long fundraising event as "noisy" as ever to encourage donations for each km covered by the K2K team and their local P2P fundraising ambassadors.The funds raised will be donated to the chosen beneficiary of 2022: the Directional Association of the Handicap (DAH) who has similar mission values to the ASF.


25 May 2022 - 14 Sep 2022







每月 10 小時

  • 業務發展
  • 籌款活動
  • 企業溝通
  • 社區外展
  • 投售
  • 策略溝通
  • 中文(廣東話)
  • 英文
Age Range


Ajmal Samuel Foundation



The Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) was established to make a positive impact, to create a world in which all people can use sporting endeavours to achieve their goals and secure a deep sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence. ASF wishes to encourage inclusivity among all – able bodied and disabled; professional and amateur; young and old – to pursue physical and emotional well-being for healthy living. For now, ASF will fundraise for worthy charities with similar mission and values while offering its services and sharing its message through partner organisations.

Fundraising Business Developer

10 hours per month, 4 個月

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