Zuni Icosahedron

Hong Kong





Founded in 1982, Zuni Icosahedron is a Hong Kong based international experimental theatre company and a non-profit charitable cultural organization. Zuni is one of the nine major professional performing arts companies in Hong Kong, and has made venue partner with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre since 2009. As a premier experimental theatre company, Zuni has produced more than 200 original productions of alternative theatre and multimedia performances, and been invited to more than 80 cities around the globe for cultural exchange and performances. Zuni hopes to allow more people to enrich social services with art and culture and allow more people to experience the charm of theatre through the Zuni Art Partners Programme. The programme includes various parts, such as the welfare tickets, creative courses, youth career-oriented activities, and internship opportunities, so that all sectors of society can experience unlimited possibilities brought by art.


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