SEED Foundation

Hong Kong




SEED Foundation is a charity organization registered in Hong Kong with an aim to future proof our youths in the technology-driven economy. As ICT innovations quickly evolve and permeate nearly all aspects of our lives, young talent well-versed in technological concepts and tools that are shaping our world will be well-positioned for their future success. Our program is designed to provide accessible, foundational education and experience for young people in Hong Kong, regardless of their background, to prepare them for the future digital economy. Created in collaboration with technology industry leaders and accrediting institutions, our program is curated at optimal duration and designed to be both theoretical and practical. The curriculum takes students on a unique learning journey richly supplemented with real-life experiences and projects, and opportunities to work alongside industry practitioners and mentors. With these immersive experiences, we empower our students to gain advanced future-ready skills, broadening both their perspectives for future possibilities and their optimal paths to success.


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