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iMus Academy 是本地全義務的音樂義教團體,致力籌組老師、場地及二手樂器,和義務教導對音樂有興趣卻未有經濟能力和機會接觸音樂的小朋友。希望能透過每週恆常的樂器或聲樂訓練、表演、工 作坊、講座等活動,以共享社會資源的概念,用音樂凝繫社會上一點一點的力量 ,讓音樂觸動童心。 iMus Academy is a local volunteer music teaching organisation aiming to connect the underprivileged with music. Receiving authentic musical training costs much more than you can imagine. The economically disadvantaged kids should be given a chance to explore their musical talents. We, therefore, gather the selfless and passionate volunteer teachers and match them up with venue providers from all parts of Hong Kong. We believe our weekly musical training delivers knowledge, skill, as well as the concept of ‘Love and Care’. Music is the best media to link up every single one in the community.

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