HK5Senses Theatre (Baby Children Theatre of H.K.)

Hong Kong




HONG KONG Five Senses Education Experimental Theatre|HK5Senses 感官劇場 Pioneer of baby and children theatre in Hong Kong or Asia. Dedicated to developing infant theatre with unique diverse theatre model. With the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), the “First Opened Theatre in Hong Kong” build in Tai Po Arts Centre for the public to come and experience the theatre in daily and free for charge. HK5Senses Theatre has cooperated or exchanged with large local and international organizations and art festivals. Including: Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, ASSITEJ International Children and Youth Art Festival Alliance, Japan ASSITEJ JAPAN, Korea ASSITEJ KOREA, Australia Polyglot Theatre, the mother of Malaysian drama, etc. (With the background of founder Gemini, Wong Yuk Tak, her experiences in performing arts, mainstream and special education, she has been several awarded. Consultant member of arts education of HKADC. Created the “Unique” & “Borderless” Sensory Immersive Multi-principles Theater Model with [Sensory Stimulation X Perception Interaction X Non Verbal X Music X Multimedia X Participatory Theater] for ALL Ages.


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