Fu Hong Society (扶康會)

Hong Kong





扶康會是本港註冊的非牟利機構,現時有超過四十個服務單位,主要為輕度至嚴重智障成人、精神康復者、自閉症人士及肢體殘障人士服務。自1977年以來,本會貫徹「以愛同行、以求為導」的精神,不斷創新求變,緊貼社會需求,竭誠為殘疾人士提供多元化和適切的服務;本會亦積極倡導社會共融及發掘殘疾人士的潛能,讓更多社區人士認識和接觸殘疾人士,了解他們的才能,並接納他們是社會的一份子。 Fu Hong Society is a registered non-profit-making organization dedicated to serving persons with intellectual/ psychiatric/ physical disabilities and persons with autism spectrum disorders. The Society has currently operated more than 40 service units. The Society has all along upheld the spirits of "Meet the Need, Take the Lead" since 1977, and has strived to make innovative efforts in meeting the changing needs of persons with disabilities by developing multi-faceted services. The Society also attaches great importance to advocacy of social inclusion and promotion of potentials of persons with disabilities. Through various attempts, community members are able to know about and interact with persons with disabilities, appreciate their talents while accepting them as members of society.

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