Empathy For the Elderly

Hong Kong





Founded in 2015, Empathy for the Elderly is a charitable organization which is committed to help Hong Kong rise above the challenge of ageing population through the empowerment of older adults and promotion of inter-generational solidarity. We believe that the young and old generations have a lot of things in common and can be harmoniously bonded with each other by providing them with unique and memorable experience. We are dedicated to deliver a wide variety of intergenerational experiential learning programs, which include immersive drama theatres, expressive art therapy workshops, youtuber broadcasting programs as well as the Hong Kong Intergenerational Baseball League. Since 2017, we have served more than 300 schools, elderly centres and nursing homes with over 5000 youth and elderly beneficiaries. We enjoy developing mutual understanding and respect between the generations, enhancing quality of life of our elderly members as well as promoting a more positive image of the elderly in society.


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