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Dear Hong Kong is a non-profit project about diversity and identity. It started with the purpose of creating a more inclusive society, bridging the gap between the 'local' and 'foreign' communities in Hong Kong. Built with the shared vision of different volunteers, the team has spent the past two years interviewing, photographing, and translating the stories of almost one hundred interviewees from different countries and territories. With a target of documenting stories of inspiring people from every country in the world represented in Hong Kong, the first volume of Dear Hong Kong has just been published. It is a 200-page bilingual photo book that brings to life the stories and portraits of 80 inspiring people from around the globe who live and contributed in Hong Kong, with the aim of showcasing the diversity through people with different occupations, ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. Since the past year, we have organised several exhibitions and events in public spaces and bookshops across the city, to spread our message of diversity and unity. We hope the stories that have moved us can be brought to people of all generations in Hong Kong, especially to local students.


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