Access Abroad Hong Kong 昇普計劃





昇普計劃每年都會舉辦免費英國升學輔導計劃,為家庭有需要嘅香港學生提供一對一嘅UCAS 及 獎學金指導服務。 Access Abroad Hong Kong (AAHK), formerly known as Project Access Hong Kong (PAHK), was founded in 2016 by Antonia Heng as an Oxford undergraduate. AAHK was established with the aim of battling inequality in higher education, especially in overseas university applications. Recognising the substantial cultural, informational and financial barriers that prevent talented Hong Kong students from gaining admission to Oxbridge and other UK universities, our program aims to mitigate these socioeconomic factors, enabling local Hong Kong students to realise their full potential in world-class institutions. Our flagship programme offers completely free 1-on-1 mentorship with mock interviews, aptitude tests, as well as advice for UCAS and scholarship applications.


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