Fundraising Committee Member

Help us plan, organise and coordinate fundraising activities and campaigns

Fundraising Committee Member




  • Join us for an one-hour call to learn more about our fundraising strategy and meet other committee members
  • [Example] Help organise at least one fundraising event to raise donations to support our programs and activities
  • [Example] Reach out to potential sponsors, including in-kind and financial for the fundraising event
  • [Example] Promote the fundraising event to drive awareness and participation
  • [Example] Work closely with our Fundraising Advisor and team to brainstorm and execute fundraising plans
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. University students are welcome to apply!)]

[Example] We have ideas for fundraising events and we need support to implement the ideas, so it would be wonderful if we can get volunteers to assist with this project


[Example] (1) Guidance and support from our team and campaign managers (2) Fundraising and campaign toolkit


[Example] The donations raised will support us in our future work, such as [e.g. delivering sports activities for girls from marginalised communities] and [e.g. fostering mentorship relationships through the lens of sports]



每月 6 小時

  • 活動策劃
  • 籌款

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