NGO Governance Support

Assist with research on crucial governance and operational practices within NGOs

NGO Governance Support




  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our objectives and our organization
  • [Example] Review our financial statements and due diligence practices to ensure it's up to the philanthropy industry's standards
  • [Example] Research for relevant practices that should be implemented within the NGO field
  • [Example] Consolidate a presentation and report to help our team to understand the practices and standards
  • [Enter other expectations you may have]

[Example] We have done some previous research for reference and our accounting team can provide guidances when necessary. A briefing call will be arranged before the volunteer gets started.


[Example] This project is to help evaluating the sustainability of our NGO, and to ensure that our documentations and operational processes are up to standard.



每週 5 小時

  • 法律諮詢
  • 研究
  • 行政援助

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