Google Workspace Set Up

Boost team productivity and enable easy collaboration by setting up Google Workspace (G Suite) apps for email, calendar, cloud storage and more

Google Workspace Set Up




  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our objectives and our organization
  • [Example] Setup and implementation of Google Workspace account and specific apps, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts
  • [Example] Provide a basic training for [up to 5 staff] on how to configure and use Google's apps, the functionality of different applications, as well as instructions for admin users
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. Experience with software training and onboarding is a plus)]

[Example] An active Google Workspace account (which we’ll give access to), and a general idea of which Google applications we need to implement


[Example] We are looking to boost productivity and collaboration across our team, and need assistance with setting up our Google Workspace (G Suite) account [OR we currently use Google Workspace apps, but want to improve how effectively we are using them]



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