Chat (Slack) Set-Up and Training

Set up a chat system to facilitate internal communication and collaboration using Slack

Chat (Slack) Set-Up and Training




  • Join us for a 30 minute call to learn more about our organization and team
  • [Example] Support our team to set up Slack and provide initial set-up instructions
  • [Example] Train up to 5 team members on how to use the chat software, including any best practices or tips to reach our goals
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. proficiency with Slack is preferred)]

[Example] Our communication team member will work with you in setting up Slack as our chat system for our staff


[Example] To make communication more efficient and effective, so all communication will be on a central platform (instead of on WhatsApp, Email, text messages and other places which is currently the case)



一共 8 小時

  • 企業溝通
  • 內部交流
  • 無代碼/程式碼工具
  • 訓練

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