Fundraising Researcher

Help to review and update our fundraising database entries

Fundraising Researcher




  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our objectives and our organization
  • [Example] Review the Donorpedia data ( to Identify any entries not already in our organisation's database and incorporate these accordingly
  • [Example] Review all entries [(e.g. 850+)] to determine whether listed entity provides funding
  • [Example] Determine if we are eligible for funding provided and flag any major and / or recurring funding opportunities
  • [Example] Suggest potential donors not listed in database
  • [Example] Make recommendations on how to improve our current database and / or process in identifying funding opportunities if possible

[Example] Access to Donorpedia and the large donor database our team has previously compiled, which needs to be reviewed in order to identify funding opportunities. Offline access to the database will be granted and the database user manual will be provided along with in-person support.


[Example] Completing this project will save us a substantial time investment needed for other tasks while potentially contributing to our income.



每週 5 小時

  • 數據庫管理
  • 提供籌款意見
  • 研究

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