Accounting Advisor

Develop financial and accounting system for start-up non-profit organisation

Accounting Advisor




  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our objectives and our organization
  • [Example] Have regular meetings with our team to develop financial and accounting system
  • [Example] Develop financial and accounting system using online tools e.g. Xero, Quickbooks
  • [Example] Establish financial protocols and procedures for a small start-up no-profit
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. looking for volunteers with accounting background and experience)]

[Example] Online accounting software (after discussion) and details to our current financial procedures will be given.


[Example] As communication is one of our core values, we believe that openly communicating our work to the public and being accountable for our finances extremely important. For us to continue to provide services to our community, we need to have a strong financial system to ensure our work is legitimate!



每週 2 小時

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