Impact Measurement Advisor

Help us review and create a process to quantitatively and qualitatively measure our impact

Impact Measurement Advisor




  • Join us for an one-hour call to learn more about our programs and impact measurement objectives
  • [Example] Review our existing user journey and data collection points
  • [Example] Make suggestions and help create a process to better capture and measure our impact
  • [Example] Work with our team to build up our impact measurement system
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. volunteers with experience in data management or impact measurement field is preferred)]

[Example] We'll have an onboarding session for the volunteer to understand the current user journey. We'll also provide case studies, data and other necessary info to help measure our impact.


[Example] Impact measurement is incredibly important for us to understand where and how we're making the most impact, so we can gather and invest more resources in a more strategic way to fulfil our mission



每週 3 小時

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