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Meet Jeanne Lim, former CEO of Hanson Robotics

This auction has ended. It collected 36 volunteer hours.
Lunch with Jeanne (30 Nov)

It will be held at 12:15-2:30pm at R ONE Space in Causeway Bay on 30 Nov 2019.

Meet Jeanne, former CEO of Hanson Robotics and Co-character Lead of Sophia, the AI humanoid robot and also the first robot to receive citizenship of a country!


Jeanne has over 25 years of business management and marketing experience in the technology industry. She began her career as a general management trainee in the Swire Group and worked on rotational assignments within the group’s shipping, trading, and aviation businesses. She joined Apple Computer as a business analyst, later moving up to product management, product marketing, and business management roles. She led the launch of many of Apple’s groundbreaking products, as well as developed a custom desktop publishing solution for the China market. She served as the Asia Pacific head of marketing for several leading enterprise technology companies including 3Com, Cisco-Tandberg, Dell, where she built marketing teams, launched new businesses, and championed intrapreneurial projects. She was also the corporate head of marketing at an internet startup funded by Intel Capital, Greylock, and H&Q Asia Pacific, and then acquired by a Nasdaq-listed company. Also, she founded a consulting company that provided marketing strategy and services to multinational corporations and technology startups looking to commercialize new products or enhance the results of their marketing efforts in Asia Pacific.

Jeanne has a Ph.D. degree in integrated and holistic health from the Energy Medicine University in the United States, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is an angel investor of several startups and a board director of Hanson Robotics, Kami, BioSmart Investment Group, and Himalayan Consensus Institute–an NGO involved in social enterprise development and climate protection.

Jeanne lim ceo hanson robotics profilephoto


All volunteer hours must be completed during 1 June 2019 to 20 November 2019.

Cost per person is HK$100 (Full-time students aged 25 or below)/ HK$200 (General Participants) to support the running costs of our charity and our mission to make volunteerism mainstream.

Lunch will be held on 30 November 2019 at R ONE Space in Causeway Bay at 12:30-2:30pm.

Cover photo credit: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

Special thanks to our Venue Partner R ONE Space:
Founded in 2018, R ONE Space is a co-working space which provides a wide range of room capacity, 24 hours access, butler service and professional network support for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies and corporates. We connect people of different professions, background and nationalities by organizing different kind of community events in our space. Through the community synergy effect, we are devoted to help our tenants to develop their career and business.

R ONE Space now have two locations at Causeway Bay and Kwun Tong respectively.

Lunch with Jeanne (30 Nov)

It will be held at 12:15-2:30pm at R ONE Space in Causeway Bay on 30 Nov 2019.

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