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Meet Jennifer Ma, Co-founder of ARCH Education

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Interview prepping / career coaching session with Jennifer

A top University of Oxford graduate, ex-investment banker at Goldman Sachs and co-founder of a major education center, Jennifer is the person you’d want to talk to about how to excel in today’s competitive job market or on finding a suitable career path.

Jennifer is the co-founder of ARCH Education, a philanthropist & best-selling author who's changing the way the next generation is educated


After a 7-year stint in the investment banking industry, Jennifer decided to pursue her passion in education and co-founded ARCH Education ( in 2009. Started with a classroom with 7 students, ARCH Education has since grown into a major learning centre with a participant count of more than 4,000. ARCH Education offers skills enrichment, admission preparation and academic tutoring to help students develop in many areas.

Jennifer also has an impressive track record in helping students obtain Oxbridge and professional job offers, and was consistently voted as one of the most effective interview skills counsellor.

Investment banking by background, Jennifer worked at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs before becoming an educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist in 2009 and more recently, an author. Herself an Oxford University First Class Honours graduate, she completed her Masters in Education at University of Hong Kong whilst establishing ARCH Education: a premier education institute that specialises in bridging the education gaps for students aged 7-18 through skills enrichment programmes and tailored admissions counselling to UK and US schools and universities.

At Oxford, Jennifer received multiple Collection prizes and was the elected President of the then second-largest student-run society, the Guild, whose mission was to connect Oxford undergraduates with employment options. Throughout her seven year career as an industry analyst at Merrill Lynch Investment Banking and later as one of the youngest Investment Professional at Goldman Sachs Investment Management, Jennifer remained active in the field of education. At work, Jennifer took up the role of “Summer Champion” and was involved in designing, implementing and overseeing summer programs for interns. Her countless interaction with fresh graduates inspired her to venture into the field of education.

Now an educator, curriculum developer and teacher trainer, Jennifer researches into teaching pedagogies with a keen focus on inspiring students to develop higher order skills in thinking, speaking, reading and writing. Jennifer conducted a spectrum of case study research and wrote papers on teaching pedagogies, including variation theories, peer learning strategies and diverse assessment methods. With much appreciation for her own educational exposure, she leads a team of expert counsellors to guide students in their application to top boarding schools and universities in the UK and Hong Kong. Under her leadership, ARCH has earned recognition from top education institutes worldwide; and is appointed the Sole Representative for the University of Oxford Pembroke College Summer Programme and the Teaching Institute of the University of London International Foundation Programme (academic direction by London School of Economics and Political Science).

For many years, Jennifer has committed herself to community work through Junior Achievement, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Access Hong Kong and St Paul’s Co-Ed Mentorship Programme. She is also involved in the Benenden School Trust as well as the China Oxford Scholarship Fund – both organizations serve to recruit and fund able scholars from China and Hong Kong to further their studies in the UK. In 2011, Jennifer co-founded ARCH Community Outreach (ACO) ( whose mission is to provide educational and career opportunities to under-resourced yet high achieving students in Hong Kong. ACO is endorsed by St. James Settlement, one of the largest non-profit multi social service providers in Hong Kong.

In 2013, Jennifer has ventured into the online space and is the Founding Director of, the premier online tutor-matching platform, catering for students worldwide. The portal provides top quality education to students who otherwise would have limited access and choice.

In 2014, Jennifer co-authored the Top Best Seller “Boarding Schools: What You Need to Know”, a book which collates comprehensive and practical advice from students, parents, schools and education consultants; and is published by John Catt, the publisher that is responsible for The Good Schools Guide in the UK.

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All volunteer hours must be completed during April to August 2014.

Interview prepping / career coaching session with Jennifer

A top University of Oxford graduate, ex-investment banker at Goldman Sachs and co-founder of a major education center, Jennifer is the person you’d want to talk to about how to excel in today’s competitive job market or on finding a suitable career path.

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