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Meet Dato' Fadza Anuar, Co-founder of FashionValet

This auction has ended. It collected 47 volunteer hours.
Dinner with Dato' Fadza (25 Sep)

It will be held at 6:45-9pm on 25 Sep 2019.

Get dinner with the Co-founder of FashionValet, Dato' Fadza Anuar who built the fashion empire with his wife Datin Vivy — just by volunteering 10 hours to any charity!


Fadzarudin Shah Anuar, 31, was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. He moved to London in 2004 where he graduated with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London. In 2010, Fadza co-founded FashionValet with his partner, Vivy Yusof, with the mission of elevating the local fashion industry. The company with 150 employees and carrying 170 fashion brands, has its Head Office and warehouse in Kuala Lumpur and ships curated fashion brands daily to customers all over the world.

Since their start nine years ago, FashionValet has grown its online presence and attracted customers from all over Southeast Asia as well as Australia, UK and the Middle East. In 2015, FashionValet expanded its physical reach by launching its first physical store in Bangsar Village II and opened in Pavilion, the heart of KL in October 2016, with a third and a fourth retail store opened recently in April 2018 in Publika and in May 2018 in IOI Mall.

As the CEO, Fadza leads the company’s strategic planning and business development. He has taken FashionValet through three rounds of funding from Bursa Malaysia-listed MyEG, San Francisco based VC Elixir Capital and Japan's largest online fashion portal, Zozotown. In 2018, FashionValet has successfully closed a Series C investment round from Khazanah Nasional Bhd and PNB, the strategic investment funds of the Government of Malaysia. With these funds, FashionValet is able to grow as a homegrown company and its revenue has been growing 100% year on year.

He has been awarded one of Augustman Men of The Year in 2015 and listed in the Malaysia Tatler Gen T List in 2017 – 50 of Malaysia's brightest, influential and promising individuals made up of young entrepreneurs, activists, artists, athletes, culinary maestros, as well as fashion and social influencers who are making an impact in their fields. FashionValet has received awards from MATRADE which include the youth ‘Anugerah Peneraju Eksport’ and from #MYCYBERSALE as the top exporter for its annual 2016 campaign. In 2017, FashionValet was in the Top 3 in Fashion E-Tail

Fadza and Vivy were the first Malays and the youngest Malaysians to be selected as an Endeavor entrepreneur, a global organisation for high impact entrepreneurs. Seen as an icon for young entrepreneurs, Fadza actively speaks about his experience in universities and entrepreneurship events by organisations like MAGIC, MATRADE and Cradle. While his partner Vivy fronts as the face of FashionValet, Fadza is more media-shy and instead is very involved in the startup scene with other entrepreneurs. Fadza is also a mentor for MAGiC Accelerator Program and was one of the coaches for Cradle Coach and Grow Program in 2017 – to coach and help Malaysian companies grow. He is also a member of BRO (Bumiputera Retailers Organisation) and was one of the main judges for AmBank BizRace in 2018.

Fadza himself has a social media following of over 251,000 followers on Instagram.

Fadza and Vivy married in 2012 and they have three beautiful children, Daniel and Mariam and Sarah.

Dato fadza anuar co founder fashionvalet profilephoto


All volunteer hours must be completed during 15 April to 15 September 2019.

Cost per person is RM30 (Full-time students aged 25 or below)/ RM50 (General Participants) to support the event costs and our mission to make volunteerism mainstream.

Dinner will be held at 6:45-9pm on 25 September 2019.

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Dinner with Dato' Fadza (25 Sep)

It will be held at 6:45-9pm on 25 Sep 2019.

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Kuala Lumpur has 2 other auctions

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