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- Starting at 10 Volunteer Hours -

Meet Belinda, Founder of One Ten & XYZ and Managing Director at UBS

This auction has ended. It collected 78 volunteer hours.
Dinner with Belinda (12 Dec)

Dinner will be held at the Hive Wanchai at 6:45-9pm on 12 Dec.

Founder of One Ten & spinning studio XYZ, Managing Director at UBS and mother of three, Belinda lives to inspire to be an agent of positive change.


Belinda Koo, Founder of One Ten, has embarked on a mission to help others effect positive change in their lives through the embracement of exercise as a way of life.

Her tenacity as an agent of change is a case of both nature and nurture. At the tender age of 5, she awoke to discover that her father had died in his sleep from a heart attack. As a young child grappling with the complexity of grief, Belinda suppressed the sense of loss and realized early on that to overcome life's setbacks would require immense discipline and mental strength. It was her mother - an ardent social worker who tirelessly helped those in need that became her role model throughout her early years. As a single parent raising three children, she taught Belinda the importance of being an asset and not a liability in life, to family and to society.

The demands of her role as a private banker and devoted mother of three meant life was never short of battles, strengthening her resolve to seek effective ways to release and recharge. It was through exercise – particularly cardio exercise – where she discovered a great sense of challenge, and satisfaction from embracing and overcoming each challenge. This inspired Belinda to rethink how to use exercise as a platform for building strength and character with a fresh angle.

Her proposition was nothing short of a radical spin on the latest indoor cycling phenomenon XYZ; a darkened cave-like theatre, world-class instructors with performing arts backgrounds, mesmeric music tracks combined with intense visual effects. Through the infusion of entertainment with a high intensity cardio work out, Belinda’s XYZ unlocked the hidden energy that propels the body and mind to operate at a level beyond conscious reach. In over five years, Belinda has inspired over 35,000 individuals to embrace cardio exercise through the XYZ platform with location in prime Central.

Within a year of founding XYZ, Belinda realized that she was not satisfied with simply being a business owner. Altruistic by nature, she wished to create transformational benefit for a significant segment of society. When she read about the suicide rates of young adults in Hong Kong, she set out to forge an innovative platform that could potentially alleviate the challenges and stresses faced by Generation Z. Her concern for this group and desire to help them gave birth to One Ten, a social enterprise with a revolutionary wellness concept. One Ten is Koo’s endeavor to extend her dedication to fitness and wellbeing to the next generation. The young adult years can be one of the hardest times in a person’s life, and through One Ten Belinda hopes to give the youth of today opportunities and resources to combat pain points in their lives, equipping them with tools that would strengthen them mentally, physically and emotionally. Through various non-competitive sports One Ten aims at helping the youth tap into their warrior spirit to build their strength and stamina, purpose and perseverance as well as confidence and camaraderie to face the struggles of life. In keeping with this goal, she partnered with Time Auction an extraordinary charitable platform, to facilitate the exchange of volunteer hours for One Ten classes. As a social entrepreneur Belinda aims to implement creative solutions to secure a stable equilibrium with lasting benefits for the young adults in Hong Kong.

Belinda holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. Belinda is currently Managing Director at UBS Wealth Management specializing in helping family offices and corporates with their investment management, governance and philanthropic needs. She has been awarded the UBS Circle of Excellence award (top 100 bankers globally in UBS Wealth Management) for the past two years and achieved UBS Dragon Club status in Asia for 5 consecutive years. Belinda is also a Fellow of the fourth class of the China Fellowship Program and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Belinda shares the commitment of the institute to make use of her energy and resources to create a better future.

Belinda koo founder oneten profilephoto


All volunteer hours must be completed during 1 July to 1 December 2018.

Dinner will be held at the Hive Wanchai at 6:45-9pm on 12 December 2018.

Cost per person is HK$150 (Full-time students aged 25 or below)/ HK$250 (General Participants) to support the running costs of our charity and our mission to make volunteerism mainstream.

Venue Sponsor:
The Hive Wan Chai ( is a members’ coworking space located in the dynamic Wan Chai district on Hong Kong Island. We’re home to a creative community with a lively vibe that’s perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs and young companies to meet other like minded people.

Our Wan Chai space offers a fabulous, welcoming and friendly coworking space that has been carefully laid out to encourage new connections and creative energy across five floors and a beautiful outdoor sun terrace that’s perfect for lunch, informal meetings and is where we hold many of our community events.

Dinner with Belinda (12 Dec)

Dinner will be held at the Hive Wanchai at 6:45-9pm on 12 Dec.

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