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Meet Ivy Wong, former CEO at Next Mobile

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Lunch with Ivy

Ivy is one of the few who has extensive experience in both transforming traditional businesses into the digital space, as well as creating a successful start-up from scratch at VISS. Enjoy lunch with Ivy, and learn about her vision and the digital landscape in Asia!

Ivy is a media maven who developed household names such as Apple Animated News (蘋果動新聞) and


Started as the first employee of Yahoo! Hong Kong office 15 years ago, Ivy Wong has since built top online presence for major media brands in Hong Kong, initially as Asia’s Senior Director of Global Sales at Yahoo!, then as COO of, followed by CEO of Next Mobile.

Ivy has successfully expanded two traditional companies into digital. At Next Mobile and TVB, she has developed products such as the very popular TVB “myTV” Catchup TV series and Animated News(蘋果動新聞), each with millions of monthly unique visitors. Ivy is perhaps the only person who has swept the media industry across the print, digital, TV and mobile channels.

After leaving Next Media, she co-founded a lifestyle-oriented, Instagram-like mobile platform dubbed Viss ( It is one of the hottest startups in Hong Kong with a 6-figure seed investment raised and about 2.8 million monthly unique visitors.

Ivy is also the CEO of HMVideal, HMV’s new concept store in Hong Kong.


Ivy speaks at TEDxWanChai on "What’s in a tag? content 2.0"

Since graduating from University of Toronto studying Economics and Marketing, Ivy has joined Yahoo! as the first member in Hong Kong. After 9 years, Ivy became the first local member to head its Global Sales office. Ivy was the leader in building global infrastructure, taking Asia-based multinationals (e.g. Cathay Pacific and Samsung) onto the global stage and bringing US/European based multinationals (e.g. Nokia and General Motors) to Asian markets.

In 2007, Ivy took on a new challenge and became the Chief Operating Officer of She developed the TVB digital media business, which included rebuilding from simply an online programme guide to one of the biggest branded video portals, with the very popular “myTV” Catchup TV Series, increasing traffic from only 200,000 monthly users to 7.4 million unique viewers per month. Ivy also has successfully expanded TVB viewership to younger audiences and busy working adults, where 80% of their audience are below age 40, complimenting TVB’s original mature audience base. She was also responsible for the P&L and operation of, where advertising revenue grew 250% from 2008 to 2010.

In 2011, Ivy was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Next Mobile Limited, whose parent company is Next Media Group (壹傳媒) that publishes 12 newspaper and magazines in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Apple Daily and Next Magazine. With the vision of building a next media empire, Next Media has been investing in producing various digital content, like the very popular Animated News and videotainment content; and gaming and commerce. Mobile as Web 3.0 is the key focus of Next Media to build deeper engagement with our users through these digital content and various new initiatives. With the core responsibilities to oversee the company’s overall mobile strategy and grow the digital advertising business, Ivy has grown Next Media’s digital business by over 60% in Hong Kong and Taiwan. With her leadership, Next Media partners with major mobile manufacturers and operators to successfully expand into mobile world. Apple Daily is currently available on iOS, Android, Win 8, Samsung TV and soon on Blackberry platform. Traffic has growth over 50% in 12 months period. Next Mobile also enters into mobile gaming by launching two successful location-based role playing mobile game in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. One of the game, “Life is Crime”, became the number 1 top grossing mobile game on iOS platform. Location-based mobile commerce is also under development.

Ivy is also an advisor to Happy Tree Social Services, a non-profit organization providing medical, educational and social services to the disadvantaged minority over the world.

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All volunteer hours must be completed during September to December 2014.

Lunch with Ivy

Ivy is one of the few who has extensive experience in both transforming traditional businesses into the digital space, as well as creating a successful start-up from scratch at VISS. Enjoy lunch with Ivy, and learn about her vision and the digital landscape in Asia!

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