Fundraising Outreach

Help us research and outreach to major donors in hopes to get financial support to launch our new program

Fundraising Outreach

Use This Project Template

Edit the details according to your needs and post this project.

Suggested Project Details

What the volunteer will do
  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our organisation and our fundraising progress
  • [Example] Join weekly calls with our team to update on the progress of outreaching to major donors
  • [Example] Review the list of entities on Donorpedia ( and identify a list of potential / targeted donors to prepare for outreach efforts
  • [Example] Support us sending initial emails to get in touch with the identified donors and our team will handle the communication thereafter
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (e.g. volunteers with NGO fundraising experience or excellent writing skills is preferred)]
What you should provide the volunteer

[Example] (1) Donorpedia access, existing fundraising content (2) Stories and impact told by our beneficiaries (3) Past fundraising proposals and other resources for your reference

Achieved Goals

[Example] In the long run, we would love to explore a variety of revenue streams to diversify our income, generating more stable resources for self sustainability and to not solely rely on public funding.

Suitable Volunteer


5 hours per week

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing Research

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