Video Editor

Edit a few short videos [(e.g. 1-min each] to raise awareness for our online fundraising campaign

Video Editor

Use This Project Template

Edit the details according to your needs and post this project.

Suggested Project Details

What the volunteer will do
  • Join us for a 30 minutes call to learn more about our fundraising campaign and our organization
  • [Example] Edit 3 short videos [(e.g. around 1 minute each)] for fundraising purposes
  • [Example] The videos will be posted on our social media platform
  • [Enter other expectations you may have (ex. Proficiency in Final Cut Pro is preferred)]

[Example] We initiated the online fundraising campaign in [e.g. May this year], to deliver [e.g. free lunchbox in Cheung Sha Wan for the underpriviledged]. Unfortunately our fund has run out so we had to suspend the project. Therefore, we need to raise fund to reactivate the project.

What you should provide the volunteer

[Example] Branding guidelines, draft rundown of the videos and footage will be provided.

Achieved Goals

[Example] Hope these videos will raise the awareness of the public and donate money for the project.

Suitable Volunteer


10 hours in total

  • Video Editing

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