Event Phone Photo/Videographer

Take photos and videos for our upcoming event(s) - Phone photo/videography are welcome, no DSLR needed!

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a 15-min briefing call
  • On-site photography and videography support
  • You can use your phone for the videos and photos, no cameras or DSLR required!
  • Events will be held during the weekend, dates are TBC but between July and August


We are launching a few events in the coming months which require on-site photography and videography support: (1) V Share event (July) - free rice distribution in Taipo (2) V are here - mentorship programme (field trip for students)

What we have

Briefing notes, pre-event call / Zoom call

Why this is important

The photos and videos you've captured will be used for social media posts and press coverage.

Project Period

01 Jul 2021 - 31 Aug 2021




6hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Event Photography
  • Videography


  • Chinese (Traditional)

About the Organization

V Foundation

V Foundation



PovertyCommunity DevelopmentYouth

What we do

The letter "V" symbolizes Value, Variety, and Vitality, which have long been regarded as the distinctive qualities of a positive life and are also the core values of V Foundation. We aim to pass on the humanistic spirits of optimism, perseverance, care and mutual assistance through life on life interaction. We hope that by pooling members' professional advantages and resources in different fields of the society, organizing various activities to help people of different ages and backgrounds to discover their own strengths, find their self-worth and live a meaningful life. In this way, we hope to gather vigorous strengths by advocating all walks of life to do one’s bit to deliver care to every corner of society.

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