Event Photographer

Help us take photos of the launch of our new study on how COVID-19 has affected migrant parent workers in China’s factories and their families.

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a short call with our local Hong Kong staff about requirements and logistics
  • Take on-site photos of the launch event
  • Editing and submitting the finished photos


We are launching a new major study on the impacts of COVID-19 on workers and their families in China’s manufacturing sector. Our study mainly targets the business community as it raises awareness on the issues, challenges and potential actions that businesses can take to support workers, particularly migrant workers. We need an event photographer to come to the venue during the launch to take photos.

What we have

A call with local staff to discuss the event details.

Why this is important

Photos will be posted on our website and social media channels to help drum up interest in our new study and to reach more businesses with our key findings with the goal of encouraging them to invest in worker wellbeing programmes.

Project Period

09 Dec 2020 - 15 Dec 2020


Hong Kong


4hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Digital Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Photography


  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • English

About the Organization

The Centre for Child Rights and Business

The Centre for Child Rights and Business



Human Rights

What we do

The Centre for Child Rights and Business (formerly 'CCR CSR') is a leading centre on child rights and business. We support businesses to deliver improvements within their supply chains that not only benefit workers, families and children, but also deliver positive business outcomes. We offer global expertise, services and support covering a broad range of child rights and well-being issues. Our services cover responsible recruitment practices with a focus on child labour prevention and remediation, child rights risks assessments, support packages for young workers and other vulnerable groups, and a comprehensive set of services to create family-friendly workplaces in supply chains. Headquartered in Hong Kong, The Centre works in a growing number of countries including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Turkey and Vietnam among others.

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