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CV Review & Mock Interviewer

Deliver 4 review sessions and share your expertise with trainees (timetable is flexible)

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a 30 mins briefing session - This is to help Interviewer understand more about review sessions objectives and background.
  • Provide constructive feedbacks on CV writing, interview skills, and verbal/nonverbal communication skills.
  • Conduct 4 review sessions over 2 months (timetable is flexible). Each review session is 1.5hr long: (1) 30 min of CV review, (2) 45 min of mock interview, and (3) 15 min of interview feedback.
  • Review sessions are delivered either face to face or over ZOOM call and can be done as one-on-one, or in small groups of 3-5 people.


Our approach to help people transform in life and in career involves 4 steps• Step 0 - Accepting the Challenge • Step 1 - Discover Yourself • Step 2 - Discover Possibilities • Step 3 - Getting There. Providing CV reviews and Mock Interviews is a key Newgig free resource in Step 3. Most of our interviewees have been in their industries for quite some years. To help them step out of their comfort zone and pivot toward a new path, skills of writing a polished CV or delivering an impressive interview are critical.

What we have

To help Interviewer better understand individual goals and needs, we will provide 1) Briefings on individual background 2) CV previews ahead of workshops. 3) Other field experts or coaches to support questions and discussion.

Why this is important

Through providing constructive feedbacks on CV writing, our interviewees will be able to tailor CVs according to employer expectations. Proper writing will make them stand out, by highlighting relevant experiences and transferrable skills. During mock interviews, interviewer will encourage and empower interviewee to respond creatively and effectively. By familiarising themselves with current interview settings and questions, interviewees will become confident and comfortable in real-life situations.

Project Period

14 Jan 2021 - 23 Mar 2021




6hours in total

Time Commitment


  • Training
  • Communication
  • Human Resources


  • English

About the Organization



EducationCommunity DevelopmentMental Health

What we do

Newgig is a free platform with tools and resources that help you discover who you are and what to do next in your life and career. Started in November 2020, Newgig is organized by a group of professionals, field experts, and corporations. We are all volunteers passionate about providing free help to people, whose lives and careers have been impacted by the pandemic. We deeply care about you and Hong Kong. We believe that within each one of us, there are talents and potentials waiting to be discovered and we are here to help. Our objectives are • Help people deal with the present emotions of anxiety • Help people find purposes & interests in life (design your life) • Help people learn about new fields and how to get there • Help lower the barriers to learn through shadowing, or trial in a new field • Help people to find easy ways to bridge skill gap • Help transform traditional workforce into talents for new economy.

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