SEO Support

Improve our website's SEO and SEM by implementing recommendations from a professional

Project Details

What we need

  • Join a 60-minute briefing call
  • Assist with SEO-driven web content update/creation
  • Assist with Google Ad campaign placement/optimisation
  • Implement other SEO recommendations


Justice Centre has been using free ad credits to place Google ads and has documented over a year worth of analytics. And yet, we lack the expertise to optimise ads' performance and improve SEO settings on our website.

What we have

Access to our Google Analytics and Google Ads; A list of recommendations from experienced SEO/SEM professional

Why this is important

SEO goes a long way in supporting our brand-building and marketing efforts while helping asylum seekers and refugees who potentially need our services to reach us. Developing an SEO strategy also helps with donor acquisition, event promotion and other crucial activities that allow our organsation to continue our work in serving refugees, asylum seekers and others in need of protection in our city.

Project Period

21 Apr 2021 - 10 Jun 2021




4hours perweek

Time Commitment


  • Search Advertising
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • SEO Copywriting


  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English

About the Organization

Justice Centre Hong Kong

Justice Centre Hong Kong


Human Rights

What we do

Justice Centre Hong Kong uses direct services and community-centred advocacy to support, defend, and protect those who are most vulnerable to violations of their rights. For over a decade, Justice Centre Hong Kong supports over 300 refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong each year. We fight alongside the brave survivors we serve to help pave the way to a new life and we challenge inequality with the ultimate aim of benefitting all Hong Kongers as we envision a fairer, just, and equitable Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

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