SEO Copywriting Advisor (Eng)

Develop and implement Hollo's SEO keywords and copywriting style guidelines for our website

Project Details

What we need

  • Propose copy concepts / styles and present your strategic thinking to the leadership team
  • Develop and implement Hollo's copywriting style guidelines with our Website Copywriter volunteer


Hollo is a health-tech social enterprise focusing on improving the accessibility to mental health through technology. We utilize deep technology like AI to simplify the process of understanding your well-being, removing stigmas and misconceptions along the way. Our focus is on improving clinical tools for mental health professionals to start with. Our app is a tool that enables our users to screen and track their mental health using innovative methods through video journals and behavioral data. We enable Mental Health Services (NGOs, individual practices, or Corporate Wellness Solutions) to better understand their clients and be more engaged.

What we have

By the time the volunteer starts with the copywriting, there will already be a low-fi version of the website’s design ready on Figma, with the target audience already clearly defined. To help the volunteer understand the context better, there will be an on-boarding call where the volunteer can ask any questions they might have. During the process, there will be regular check-ins to see if the volunteer would require extra information or assistance.

Why this is important

This project will help Hollo to have a website that acts as a clear source of information for its intended audience, while also making people excited about its future. As the landing page of Hollo’s business, it is integral to Hollo that the content can act as a core component of our marketing

Project Period

20 Mar 2021 - 20 Apr 2021




5hours perweek

Time Commitment


  • SEO Copywriting


  • English

About the Organization




Community DevelopmentMental Health

What we do

Hollo’s mission is to promote mental health and psychological well being by making information and social support services more accessible.

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