Drum Teacher

Volunteer to teach drumming 1:1 to a child with learning difficulties once every two weeks

Project Details

What we need

  • Deliver a 45-minute drum teaching session on a biweekly basis for a year minimum (We will be recruiting 2 Drum Teachers to provide a bit of flexibility on the schedule)
  • We will be providing a free venue for student to learn drum set with necessary equipments
  • Create a friendly music learning atmosphere


Our project mission is to prevent family breakdown and tragic headline news. We save families from social, medical and financial crises, and empower them to lead a self-sustaining and hopeful livelihood.In order to empower our beneficiary families, we are now looking for a passionate volunteer to deliver drum set teaching for one of our children from his low income family raised by his over 60 year old grandmother. The child himself has special learning needs and emotional issues. Psychiatrists and therapists believe that music is a way for him to relieve his emotions.

What we have

Our social worker will help to coordinate the first meet-up of volunteer and beneficiary families after obtaining both parties' consent.

Why this is important

If we can recruit you to help with our project, you will facilitate our family to achieve their dream to learn instrument given that they have limited opportunity under poverty. What is more, this will also be beneficial to the child's development as music is one of the best therapies for him to learn control emotional behaviours. Third, with more empowered families stepping up to share their stories, it will encourage more donors to put resources into families in need or potential crises families.

Project Period

01 Nov 2021 - 28 Sep 2022


Kowloon, Hong Kong

Team Project

You’ll be working with other awesome volunteers.

Honorarium available upon completion


2hours permonth

Time Commitment


  • Music
  • Drumming


  • Chinese (Cantonese)

About the Organization

ChickenSoup Foundation Limited

ChickenSoup Foundation Limited



EducationElderlyMental Health

What we do

We relieve families in crisis from multiple social, medical and financial hardships, empowering them to thrive on their own. We do this over a period of 18-24 months, using a unique collaborative approach. The team identifies and finds a solution for each family members critical need. These could be education, mental or physical health, unemployment or living conditions. The result being the family rises up together from in crisis to stable and finally hopeful and empowered.

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